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Cancellation policy:

class cancellation should be done online.
cancel class as soon as you know you can't make a session; allow others to schedule
a cancellation within 1 hour of the start of your session is considered a "late cancel" and will result in a $10 fee (unlimited members) or forfeiture of 1 session (package members)
a missed session is considered a "no show" and will result in a $15 fee (unlimited members) or forfeiture of 1 session (package members)
switching classes within 1 hour of the start of a session will result in a late cancel fee for the originally scheduled class
all waitlist reservations are subject to this cancellation policy

Scheduling Sessions
We at Beach Cities Training (hereinafter "BCT") are flexible with scheduling and re-scheduling for the benefit of our clients. If clients do not schedule or cancel appointments, we are not responsible for pursuing clients to make-up or reschedule. If sessions are missed/ canceled/ left over at the end of the client's monthly payment schedule, BCT allows two rollover sessions to the following month; however there will be no refund or discounts to the next month's sessions due to previous months missed/ canceled/ left over sessions.

BCT ensures that the gym will be open and available at the time promised for that day's sessions. If a client is late to the scheduled session's time with their trainer, it is up to the trainer and the client to decide how to further proceed. Some options are as follows, but not limited to:
-lost time for the day's sessions, no make-up time allotted
-sessions deemed, "late cancel" (canceling with less than 1 hour prior to start of session) will accrue a $10 fee on unlimited members and a forfeit of 1 session on limited packages.
-sessions deemed, "no show" (not showing up to a session with no communication) will accrue a $15 fee on unlimited members and a forfeit of 1 session on limited packages.

Free Sessions for Referrals
Beach Cities Training will give away four free sessions to a current client if they refer a friend that signs up for a full month's package (without discount). Please note that the four free sessions are a benefit to the client. Below are guidelines on how to use free sessions:
-free sessions must be used within a 30-45 day period, whichever is best suited for the client and agreed upon between client and trainer.
-free sessions are a benefit to the clients. Therefore the sessions should be used as "additional" work out days to the client's current schedule, not "in replace of" regular weekly sessions.
-free sessions will not aid in a discount of proceeding monthly dues to the client. Again, they should be viewed as "extra" workouts for doing a great job.

Client Results
Beach Cities Training is not responsible for client's results. We are here to advise, guide, and motivate. Clients are personally responsible for following our council and achieving their own results. We will do our absolute best to lead clients to their goals, but if a client does not follow our instruction and subsequently does not achieve their results, we will not be held responsible and a refund will not be issued.

Refund/ Session Credit
Beach Cities Training does not issue cash refunds for any reason. BCT assumes that the client knows their schedule as well as our policies and it is their responsibility to commit to their agreed upon sessions package. If a client decides that they have over committed themselves, canceled too many sessions, injured themselves, or decide they do not wish to continue training at BCT, they will not be issued a cash refund. Various options will be given to the client in ways that they can extend their paid sessions for use at a later date, or the sessions can be given to a friend or family member. BCT understands that most refund inquiries are specific to an individual's situation therefore each situation will be appropriately handled between the trainer and the client.

Beach Cities Training
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