If you’re a mother and you’re anxious to get back to your pre-pregnancy body, many moms find it difficult to get in a workout after the arrival of their new baby. Or maybe you’re the father and you’re anxious to get outside and start running again!  

Often times we put the demands of our children before our own. The easiest solution, then, is to take care of both needs at the same time!

When you attend mommy and me class, or any parent-child class, you can play with your baby, which happens to be an important part of learning, and get the exercise you need at the same time, all under the supervision of a qualified training team.

Here are some of the benefits of taking any Parent & Child Class. For short, we’re phrasing everything as a “mommy-and-me” class but dads we know you’re in this too!

Great form of socialization: When babies are under one years old, it can be difficult to find opportunities for them to socialize with other babies.  This is often true for the parent who often feels isolated and stuck in the home.  For example, in a mommy-and-me class, both baby and mommy can meet, interact and socialize with other moms and babies.

Aids in combating postpartum depression: Postpartum depression is a real problem many women face after having a baby. Close, bonding is one of the ways it can be staved off. Mommy-and-me classes provide the perfect uninterrupted opportunity for moms to bond closely with their babies and promote self-esteem for both.

Promotes healthy exercise: Mommy and Me classes involve a lot of activity and movement. Babies learn early on, that playtime can be healthy and exercise is fun. Children tend to mimic what they see, showing them that being healthy and exercising is important, can possibly instill good long-term habits.

Motivates you to get moving: Even when we’re paying for gym memberships, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get up and go workout. 

 But when you have a little one who stands to benefit as well, it suddenly is a lot easier to get to class. Mommy-and-me classes are not only beneficial for moms wanting to get back into shape. But, they also help babies with sensory stimulation, muscle strength and coordination.

Choose your form of parent-child class: No matter what your interest in, there is a workout for your family(mommy & me, daddy and child, all three of you!). There is yoga, Pilates, strength training, and even outdoor stroller workouts. Or if you think you would prefer a more baby-focused class, there are many of classes that play all sorts of developmentally meaningful games.

It is really easy to feel like you are cooped up in the house. These feelings can easily turn into feeling anxious and lonely. Stepping out and meeting other moms that possibly feel the same way, while you work towards getting back into shape, can be therapeutic. Attending mommy-and-me classes or even just stepping out and going for walks, can make you feel like a person again, not just a feeding-bathing-diaper-changing-soothing machine.

So go ahead. Look up mommy-and-me classes near you. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much fun it will be for you and your baby!