Let's face it, we've all been there. Trying to make it through this time without too much damage to the scale. Every year we go through the same thing -- clients and loved ones tempt us with goodies and elaborate dinners for the holidays. How's a person suppose to stay on track? We've put together the top three ways to keep you on track with your goals:

NOSH SMART                                                        
When selecting food, prioritize two key components: protein + fiber. The more of these that you consume, the fuller you will feel FASTER, leading to less overeating. At the buffets, seek out proteins: shrimp cocktail, meats like turkey + ham, and deviled eggs; and fiber: cruciferous vegetables (brussels sprouts, kale, cabbage), split peas, lentils, blackberries, raspberries, and whole wheat pasta.

If you have the option at a party, choose a smaller wine glass. We understand this one is easier said than done. However, sipping out of smaller glass will help you consume less. That's just logic!

People who eat while listening to loud noise consume more food than those who can hear themselves chew. The simple sound of chewing can help you identify how much you are eating. But no need to bring ear muffs -- simply move to a quieter room or if possible, outside. Eating al fresco is a great change of scenery without losing the social aspect of a party.  

The holidays are tough on everyone. However, little tips and tricks can help you get through the season virtually unscathed. Happy Holidays!