We are a boutique fitness studio located on the corner of Prospect and Aviation Boulevard in Redondo Beach. Beach Cities Training specializes in Dynamic Training, but also offers personal, rehabilitative, and sport-specific training. Unlike other studios, BCT makes affordability, schedule flexibility, and workout sustainability our primary focus without sacrificing the individualized support of a personal trainer. We have mastered the blend of low-cost pricing and a custom, personalized workout designed by an experienced certified trainer to cater to the unique goals and physique of every client.

All of our workouts and nutrition programs are structured towards functional body weight movements for a healthy, active, and sustainable lifestyle at a time and pace that works for you. Whether you are training as an athlete, an individual looking to get in shape, or someone who would like to stay more mobile, with the credentials and knowledge of BCT trainers, we assure our clients that they have the proper tools to get where they want to be. 

To get a better sense of locals we’ve helped along their fitness journey, check out our YELP reviews, or see our gallery below!